Decolonize your mind.





Our work is to decolonize & reprogram hearts and minds to create greater space for compassion, connection, presence and joy. We create fleeting moments of beauty, induce non-ordinary states of consciousness (using sound, breathwork, tarot, guided meditation, storytelling and more) and help discover, unlock, and activate your inner strength, untapped potential and most vibrant life possible. Ultimately, our mission is to help you feel more alive and more human by reminding you of who you really are.


Aria Diana is a producer, writer, reiki and breathwork practitioner. As a Taurus, she loves creating powerful experiences that delight the senses and bring people together to foster deeper levels of connection, intimacy and playful exploration. She is working to destigmatize the use of cannabis as a plant medicine and a tool for healing by producing events for the California cannabis community.


Skye Arun is a composer, electronic music producer, DJ and tarot reader. As an Aquarius, he's always been tuned into the sounds of distant planets and channels those frequencies into his music. After spending hundreds of hours in different ceremonies, he's amassed his own a collection of esoteric instruments from around the world to create immersive sound experiences. His love of art history & The Renaissance opened the door to reading the tarot. He has studied with Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing, Robert M. Place and The Brooklyn Tarot Society and is currently studying with Sandy Corcoran of Starwalker Visions.


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