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As life partners, our creative collaboration began in New York City in 2014. At the time, our stress levels were through the roof after years of working in creative industries in “the city that never sleeps.” In search of a calmer existence and new inspiration, we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and sojourned to the edges of America. Our experimental year-long road trip transformed into three years of living as nomads around the world in search of fresh perspectives and inspiration.

Along our travels, we learned new ways to calm the nervous system, drop into a state of flow and access deeper levels of consciousness and more balanced states of wellbeing. We became happier, more productive humans, and we realized we were most fulfilled when we had time to relax, innovate and explore. 

But we continued to witness toxic levels of stress and exhaustion throughout the modern world. Our fast-paced, always-on culture leads to creative burnout and mental overload if we don’t have tools to manage stress and refill our wells of creativity. We created Supervbrnt to help people pause, breathe and listen in order to unlock inner strength and activate untapped potential to discover their most energetic, vibrant lives possible.  

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ARIA is a certified reiki and breathwork practitioner. She completed reiki level 1 at Maha Rose in Brooklyn and reiki level 2 with Nicole Doherty in LA. She's studied breathwork with David Elliott and received his complete healer training certification. As a taurus, she loves creating beautiful experiences that delight all of the senses.

SKYE is a tarot reader who has studied with Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing, Robert M. Place and the New York Tarot Society. As an aquarius, he's always been tuned into the sounds of distant planets and channels those frequencies into his music. After spending hours in different ceremonies, he's amassed his own a collection of esoteric instruments from around the world to create immersive sound experiences.