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2-on-1 Experience in San Francisco
2 hours / $279
This immersive healing experience is a catalyst for personal growth and optimization. We use tarot, breathwork, sound, essential oils, reiki and an amethyst BioMat as tools to access altered states of consciousness, gain insight, help you reclaim your power, and ultimately feel more at home and fully alive in your own skin. These private sessions are cathartic, freeing, and eye-opening as they encourage hidden aspects of yourself to be revealed in a safe, supportive space. Let us guide you home to yourself and help you become the brightest, most vibrant version of yourself.

Private Session Testimonials:
This was one of the most healing experiences of my life. The combined energy of Skye and Aria was absolutely amazing. I felt so safe and taken care of. During the session, I released so much baggage that had been weighing me down for a really long time. Highly recommended." - Tory S.

"I had a deeply moving experience that unlocked from deep within me a great well of emotion that I wasn't even fully aware I was carrying. The guidance and love that I received throughout the experience helped me feel secure and open. I feel a genuine shift within me, and I truly can't wait to go back for more."  - John M.


Intimate Sound and Breathwork Gatherings in San Francisco
3 hours / $497 (2-9 people)
We facilitate intimate gatherings for couples and small groups of friends, family members, teams, and colleagues who are looking to powerfully bond and share a profound experience. A group intention setting ritual helps you connect with each other before we take you on a meditative journey using sound and breathwork. We create space for authentic dialogue, reflection and vulnerable sharing. These experiences are an opportunity to renew your sense of compassion and understanding for each other as human beings.

Group Session Testimonials:
“Aria & Skye have such beautiful, relaxing, caring energy. The ease they allow me to feel puts me into a mindset where I can face my shadow without fear and embrace my light wholeheartedly. They create a safe and trusting space where you're encouraged to have any experience you need to have. When it comes to sound, they are artists. The way they use each instrument and the sequence they do it in takes you on a journey and their clear and guided instruction leads you through it seamlessly. I had no idea just how much I needed their sound bath and breath work in my life but all I can say is wow—it's a total game changer. It will reshape any and all areas of your life that need the spiritual guidance and transformation. Thank you for your intuitive healing!!" - Daria A.

"This experience was centering and grounding, out of body and ego-erasing all at the same time. I loved the way my awareness of touch, sound, smell and the movement of my breath all came to the fore as I relaxed and, using the blackout mask, let my sense of sight take a happy hiatus." - Rebecca W.


Digital Tarot Card Reading with Skye
60 minutes / $200
Delve into the symbolism of the cards in relation to what’s going on in your own life to help you discover new insights for personal growth and transformation. Tarot is a tool that uses classic archetypes and iconography to reveal truths about the human experience; it is a lens to help us explore our own individual patterns and stories from a new perspective.

Tarot Testimonials:
“Before sitting down to a private tarot reading with Skye, he set the mood with music and palo santo to clear the energetic space. He made me feel totally comfortable. Once I shuffled the cards and we worked through what they revealed, he shared interpretations and asked questions. It was very much a dialogue around what the cards could mean and how that translated to my own life. He was perceptive, supportive and very insightful, ultimately providing me with actionable advice for how to keep moving forward towards a more positive life. Definitely one of the best readings I've had -- he has a calm, generous spirit that can help you to see yourself and the world around you more clearly.” - Karen A.

“I had a fantastic experience with Skye during my first ever tarot card reading. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him. He took the time to walk me through the process and his reading truly impacted me. I still carry the reading and his words with me today. It was a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a reading!” - Audrey L.

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